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How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs

How to do a hanging indent in Google Docs

How to do a hanging indent in Google Docs

Formatting the document with stylish fonts, graphics, alignment, space, page layout, bullet points, etc makes the content easy to scan and read. Indent is one of them

What is an indent in Google Docs

Google Docs hanging indent style is a special type of paragraph format in which except the first line, the rest of the upcoming lines of text move further away from the margin either left or to the right.

How to do hanging indent on Google Docs? You can easily create hanging indent on Google Docs directly from the menu bar or by the Google Docs ruler.

You can put a hanging paragraph by either selecting and highlight the text or by pre-select the option before creating the document.

How to make a hanging indent on Google Docs

With the help of the Menu option, you can easily create a hanging indent on Google Docs. This method will help you when the document is already created. Follow the below steps to create a hanging indent in Google Docs.

Open Google Docs on your desktop computer and write your necessary text in the editor.

Now select the required text from the mouse which you want to do indent.

In the Menu bar click to select Format option then navigate to Align & indent and select Indentation Options.

An image of hanging indent example is just below which is done in Google Docs.

How you can indent on Google Docs App in Android or iPhone

How to put hanging indent in Google Docs

With the help of Google Docs Ruler, you can make an indent on Google Docs. To use a ruler, you first have to make it visible in the document, for that go to View > Show ruler

Google Docs hanging indent shortcut

Instead of using ruler, Google Docs allows you to indent paragraphs. From the toolbar, you can select the decrease indent or increase indent option.

Alternatively, you can use shortcuts to indent paragraph “Ctrl + [“ shortcut to decrease indent and “Ctrl + ]” shortcut to increase indent.

How to indent the first line in Google Docs

To indent first line of a paragraph on Google Docs, Google Docs ruler is a simple and easiest way to do it.

Make the ruler visible by going to the Menu bar clicking on the View option then navigate and click on Show ruler option.

From the above steps, you can create a hanging indent on Google Docs.

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